Monday, 14 February 2011

Main Website Brief

Following on from Live 8, I will produce a new website which is going to produce a string of new concerts to raise awareness for the fight against extreme poverty; to help get the opinion leaders notice. Last Live 8, an estimated 3 billion people came together to help, they featured 10 concerts with over 1000 musicians and instead of asking people for their money they ask for their voice. This new website will advertise new similar events to help carry through this campaign. They will say that even though last time was a success “The Promises made mean nothing unless they are kept”
- Impacting statement on the first page to draw people’s attention
- Including artists that are going to volunteer for the events
- Blog’s and media links to related interests (link to new page LATEST NEWS)
Latest news (Media Center)
- Informing people of current political issues
- The story so far
Page on extreme poverty
- Including how you can get involved – donating to other similar websites
- Videos of problems people face
- Pictures of the success of 2005
- Information of the success
- How you can get involved

It should be a simple impacting website, with minimal colours to draw attention to pictures.

Monday, 7 February 2011

Finished Preliminary Site

Here are my completed 2 pages for my website 'River Tree High School':

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Pelimary Site in development

I've taken screenshots of my school website as I created it using iWeb. I reverted to my original plan as much as possible.

Above is the calendar that I began creating in Photoshop. I want to make the dates with events into hyperlinks (pink dates), explaining what is occurring on these dates. This calendar will be placed at the bottom of the home page.

- The Homepage of my website is turning out how I want it, however I need to sort out the font size as it isn't very easy to read
- I may need to change the spacing
- The photo of the school will fit in to the blank box at the top
- I'm considering making the links on the left sidebar slightly closer together, so it looks a bit neater.

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Logo for Preliminary Site

This is the logo I created in Photoshop for my school
and then I developed this in the header I'm going to use for the top of the Website: