Friday, 28 January 2011

Preliminary Website Brief

We are going to create a website for a new school called Hillside. From carrying out a survey on what people would prefer to see, we found that simple layouts was the most common choice, due to it being easy to use rather than a website that was too overcrowded. Our Survey also suggested that sticking with the school colours would be conventional because it will be identifiable easily and stand out from the others schools. The website should be relatable to the students and the parents so has to meet everyone’s needs, with separate student/teacher areas, clear headers, alternative photographs of the school/student activities as a slide show on the main page, to set the environment (with clickable links to more facilities). We will also have links to subject areas, as this will be one of the main functions that it will be used for. ‘Contact us’ information and ‘News and Events’ links will also be available. 

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