Thursday, 24 March 2011

Main Website Survery:

I have conducted a survey to help me get an idea of the views/needs of the audience. I hoped it would give me information abut what to include on my website.
I was able to conduct the survey online through social networking sites such as facebook and tumblr (a blog site, which was able to draw results from people worldwide) which gives my survey a higher validity because a broad range of people were included. People answered from the UK, USA, France, Canada, New Zealand and Ireland.
This was useful as my website is intended to reach to other cultures rather than just in the UK.

I had 29 responses with a spread of ages. If I were to do the survey again I would aim to reach out to the older population, to see how their views differ.

I used the site surveymonkey to create my survey. The one I made is still online here: click here to view survey

I have create some graphs and screen shots to help analyse my results better.

the results for whether people preferred to take part in helping the community/country or poverty in the world:

People's music preference (START FROM RESPONSE 5)
indie |||
acoustic |
electronic ||
rock |
pop ||
hip-hop |
drum and bass
post-punk |
dream pop
trance |

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